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Year 6 at Mill on the Brue

Year 6 have visited Mill on the Brue for their residential trip. Read some of their thoughts on their week away.

Year 6 at Mill on the Brue.

The following paragraphs have been written in English classes by children who visited Mill on the Brue activity centre for their residential trip at the beginning of June.

My heart was thumping, butterflies had taken over my stomach. Today was the day I was going on my residential. The sound of the wheels from our suitcases were loud and could have been heard for miles. The jam-packed hall was filled with luggage. Different shapes and sizes were all I could see. We soon packed our bags onto the coach and then clipped on our seatbelts.  (Katie 6EL)


When we first got there, I felt glad we had finally made it. We went into the substantial common room (a room with lots of sofas) where we were told who we were with in our rooms; I was so happy to be with Zak and Nathaniel. Most of the food at Mill on the Brue, which is in Somerset, was delicious, but some of the dinners I didn’t like. My favourites were the sausage, pizza and chicken, my least favourites were jacket potato, and ham and cheese pastry. (Jamie 6EL)


We finished unpacking our luggage around lunchtime; however, we got to know our instructors before lunch (my group had Alan) finally it was time for our first activity (ice-breaking) where Alan got to know the names of our team. The second activity was nightlight where we did an obstacle course with a blindfold on with a rope to guide us. (Charlie 6EL)


During our trip, we did over 25 activities; however, I was fond of Jacob’s ladder: we put our harnesses on and got into pairs, and in order. Whilst the first pair was getting ready to go,2 other pairs had to get attached into the carabina: ready to belay (take up the slack) of the first pair. Tree climbing is very similar to Jacob’s ladder but you are climbing a tree instead of a row of thick logs of wood. (Izabelle 6SH)


My favourite activities were the great egg race (plus the cracking jokes that came with it) and the water slide-no pun for this, sorry. We may have lost the egg race but it was still egg-cellent. However, I didn’t like the wedgie that Jacob’s Ladder gave me! (Dan 6SH)


Mill on the Brue was beautiful (one of the best places I’ve been) It was an amazing opportunity and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If I were to go again I would have more fun. (Charlie 6SH)

 Please click here for a link to the Mill on the Brue photographs.