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Congratulations to our Indoor Athletics Team!

Our Upper School indoor athletics team bring home the silver medal

On Friday 29th January, our Uppper School indoor athletics team represented CTJS at the Finals-having battled hard to qualify.The team had been training hard every single day under the watchful eye of Mr Murphy, and set off determined to do their very best ( as is the College Town way) 

The events included relay races, long jump, sprints, javelin and many more. All the children had really tried their absolute hardest to hone their skills in the run-up to the finals, giving up each lunchtime to ensure they did CTJS proud.

With 3 main events left to run, we were in 6th place, this was out of 24 schools so College Town were definitley in the running for a medal if we could pull one last performance out of the bag.

After all the events, 3rd place was another school..Was it meant to be?

YES!!!!! 2nd place and the silver medal position COLLEGE TOWN JUNIOR SCHOOL!!

A fantastic performance that the whole school is so proud of. Well done guys-you're the best!

A massive thank you to Mr Murphy, and to all the parents that turned up to support us on the day.