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Have you seen my Mummy?

Year 6 visit Haslemere Museum to travel to the afterlife.

This week, Year 6 visited Haslemere Museum to learn about how Ancient Egyptians prepared for their journey onto the afterlife.  In the morning we took part in a fascinating workshop to learn all about mummification, and had the chance to practice the process!

We also handled many artefacts and tried to work out what they would have been used for. We had  the chance to view x-rays of the museum's resident mummy to see if we could discover a cause of death, and then got to see the mummy itself. It is one of only a few mummies in Great Britain so it was a real privilege to get up close and personal with him. We could even see his toes where the bandage had come away. We know he was a male because of the colour of his death mask ( red-brown)

After lunch we mummified the toys we had brought along. We had to make sure that we enclosed amulets for good luck in the afterlife and we desgined death masks for them, along with their names in hieroglyphics. We had a great day and learnt loads about the Ancient Egyptians.