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Absence reporting

Parents, guardians or carers should always telephone the school office before 9.30am if their child will not be attending school.

First day calls are made by the School Office if the school has been given no prior notification of a pupil’s absence.

Staff will bring to the attention of the Headteacher those pupils who are seen to be developing a pattern of absence.

Pupils are expected to attend school for the entire duration of the academic year, unless there is an exceptional reason for the absence. There are two main categories of absences:

  • Authorised Absence: is when the school has accepted the explanation offered as satisfactory justification for the absence, or given approval in advance for such an absence.
  • Unauthorised Absence: is when the school has not received a reason for absence or has not approved a child’s absence from school after a parent’s request.

Please be aware that when a parent telephones the school with information that their child is unable to attend due to illness, or other circumstances, this may not be authorised.  Genuine illness is unavoidable however where it is considered that there is a pattern or excessive absence due to illness then this will not be automatically authorised.  Your child’s current and previous school attendance will be taken into consideration and as a result the absence may not be authorised.

There is a clear connection between regular attendance and achievement. As attendance deteriorates, so does performance, achievement, friendship circles and self-esteem.

The achievement and maintenance of high levels of attendance is the shared responsibility of parents, guardians or carers, School with its Governing Body and the Local Authority.

Please refer to our Attendance Policy Page for further details.