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Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors' page of College Town Junior School. The purpose of the Governing Body is to maintain and improve the quality of the education and standards of achievement in the school. Please see the Governors’ Profile Page  for full details of our governors, their roles  within committees and biographies. 

Governors at College Town Junior School take an active part in school life and carry out regular visits to experience first-hand the education, events and activities that make up your children’s school life.

The Governing Body supports the work of the staff and has the responsibility to ensure that your children reach their full educational potential whilst at College Town Junior School. This is achieved through regular meetings with the Headteacher and Senior Management Team to set the strategic direction of the school and to monitor progress and attainment against the School Development Plan.

Governors are an invaluable tool in determining policies and procedure. Through our regular visits to the school we are able to monitor how these policies are put into practice on a daily basis and evaluate the impact that these have on your children’s education.

Governors and staff strongly believe that every child matters and aim to ensure that your children receive the best opportunities in learning to enable them to continue on their learning journey into Secondary school. We also recognise that by providing a stimulating and enthusiastic environment we will equip your children with more than just the academic achievements but also aim to produce children who are well equipped with life skills, which will allow them to succeed in their future.

The Full Governing Body (FGB) meets at least once a term and in addition much work is undertaken through its committees. We currently have two main committees who usually meet twice a term and then report findings to the Full Governing Body.

These are as follows:

Environment, Staffing and Finance

Curriculum, Standards and Pupil Welfare

The Governing Body consists of:

                        2  Parent Governors

                        1 Local Authority Governor

                        1 Staff Governor

                        6 Co-opted Governors

                        The Headteacher

  • Parent Governor - elected by the parents of children at the school - if no one stands for election, the Governing Body can appoint a suitable candidate as a Parent Governor.
  • LA Governor - nominated by the Local Authority (Bracknell Forest Council), but appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Staff Governor - elected by the staff at the school.
  • Co-opted Governor - appointed by the Governing Body.
  • Headteacher - the Headteacher has the right to sit as a governor, but can chose not to.

If you would like any further information about the Governing Body, please leave a message via the school office and we will call you.