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Governors' Business Interests

As from September 2015, governing bodies are under a legal duty to publish the register of interests for Governors and Associate Members on their website.

Present Governors Position Business Interest Declared Date Interest Began Date Interest Ended
Melina Hastings Parent Child - pupil at CTJS March 2016 ongoing
Jill Ward Headteacher Headteacher at CTJS   ongoing
    Daughter works part time for CTJS November 2013 ongoing
Paul Widdowson Co-opted Owner of Bounce Around Entertainments February 1995 ongoing
    Owner of Event Planners April 2008 ongoing
    Sandhurst Councillor   May 2015
Tracey Armstrong Co-opted Child - pupil at CTJS March 2017 ongoing
Angela Allard Co-opted Nil November 2016 ongoing
David Gaston Co-opted Member of a school admissions appeal panel for a local school. March 2017 ongoing
Julie Palmer Co-opted Welfare Officer at RMAS  March 2013 ongoing

Governors who served in the last 12 months

Simon Cope Co-opted Deputy Headteacher at CTJS September 2012 July 2016
    Father - Volunteer Auditor September 2014 July 2016
    Father - Invigilator at CTJS September 2014 July 2016
    Mother - Invigilator at CTJS September 2014 Jully 2016
Eunice Feeney Co-opted Nil June 2011 September 2016
Sarah Holman Parent Employee of BFC June 2012 May 2016
    Employee of BFC CYPL April 2015 May 2016
Gary Lindsay Parent Nil   June 2016
David Mustoe Co-opted Governor at Sandhurst   May 2016
Jeannie Satchell LA Employee of BFC July 2015 June 2016
Krystle Hewitson Staff Teacher at CTJS September 2012 March 2017
Sue Parkinson Associate Teacher at CTJS September 2012 February 2017
Kate Harding Clerk Maths Tutor August 2012 June  2016
    Supply Teacher February 2015 June  2016
Julia Holland Clerk Nil July 2016 April 2017

The information is taken from the Register of Business Interests. 

Nil indicates nothing to declare