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Outdoor Learning 


Gardening and outdoor-based learning opens a door to discovery of the living world, which can be both stimulating and calming.

A school garden requires a child's intellectual, emotional and social engagement with things that must be measured, counted, weighed, arranged, planned and cared for. It can yield gratifying and often surprising results.

A school garden offers a wonderful, creative space in which children of all abilities can achieve something real that is valued by others.

At College Town Junior School, most of our gardening and outdoor-based learning is accessed through our ‘Eco-Ranger clubs’.

All pupils spend a minimum of 3 afternoons per year at the environmental centre with Ms Pragnell, where they participate in gardening/environmental activities, and reap the benefits of spending a bit of time outdoors, away from the classroom!

Eco-Ranger club also runs at lunch-times (Mon-Thurs), which is open to all.

Additionally, Ms Pragnell runs an Eco-Ranger after school club once a week.

All the Eco-Ranger clubs have 3 main areas of focus:


  • To increase knowledge and understanding of our environment.
  • To develop an awareness of environmental issues, both locally and globally.
  • To develop sustainable practices at College Town Junior School - for example; composting, recycling/re-using our resources, as well as working towards a Green Flag Award.


  • To increase knowledge and skills in the fundamental aspects of horticulture - for example; soil & water management, plant & animal care, plant propagation, garden maintenance, harvest/ preparation and storage of produce & seeds.

Time Out

  • From the busy classroom.
  • From the daily structures and routines.
  • To explore our relationships with the Environment: physically, socially, psychologically and emotionally.
  • In a safe and welcoming place, where we can make new friends.

If you have any questions about Outdoor learning at College Town Junior School, or would like to get involved – please contact Ms Pragnell via the school office.