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Parent Questionnaire Results

Parent questionnaires are carried out annually and will be sent home with your child. Alternatively, copies may be issued via the school office upon request.

Section 1 - 2 - 3 Agree Disagree Not sure
Section One - Children Agree Disagree  
The school helps my child become mature, responsible and promotes good values. 97% 0% 3%
The school challenges its pupils to achieve their potential. 86% 7% 7%
The arrangements for settling my child into school when they started were good 90% 0% 10%
  Yes No Not sure
Are you aware of the schools policy on behaviour issues? 72% 7% 21%
Section 2 - Curriculum Agree Disagree Not Sure
I am aware of the targets my child is working towards 86% 3% 11%
I am given sufficient information about my child's progress and achievement. 90% 7% 3%
  Yes No Not sure
Do you feel comfortable supporting your chil with the targets given? 90% 7% 3%
Section 3 - Communication, Accessibility and Leadership Agree Disagree Not Sure
I am comfortable approaching the school with any questions or problems. 96% 0% 4%
Printed letters/information sent home for parents are easy to read and understand. 93% 3% 4%
The school to home Email/Text system keeps me well informaed of school events and issues. 93% 0% 7%
It is easy to access the site and buildings during the school day in the event of an illness/accident. 90% 0% 10%
The school is well led and managed. 86% 3% 11%
The teaching and learning is good at the school. 90% 3% 7%
  Yes No Not sure
I would recommend this school to other parents 93% 0% 7%