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Supporting Your Child at Home

Home Learning.

Over the school holidays children who continue their learning, are prepared greater when they come back to school .  Spending 10 minutes a day helping your chid will have a great impact on their progress.

Top tips for helping your child :

  • Read to your child everyday
  • Listen to your child read everyday
  • Help your child learn to read and spell the high frequency words (if they can’t already)
  • Help your child to learn to spell the National Curriculum spelling words
  • Help your child to learn the multiplication and division facts

Chose 5 words to spell and 5 multiplication/division facts a week to learn. Over the 6 weeks holiday your child will learn an extra 30 spellings and facts.  This will help them so much when they come back to school .

The DfeS have published research about parental support, which is an interesting read:

‘Parental involvement in a child’s schooling for a child between the ages of 7 and 16 is a more powerful force than family background, size of family and level of parental educationParental involvement has a significant effect on pupil achievement throughout the years of schooling. Educational failure is increased by lack of parental interest in schooling.  In particular, a father’s interest in a child’s schooling is strongly linked to educational outcomes for the child. Most parents believe that the responsibility for their child’s education is shared between parents and the school.’

Please navigate to the pages below for National Curriculum content which will assist families at home.